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Make Your Page Personal

Creating a Fundraiser Page is an easy and unique way to show your dedication to America’s land and water legacy by inviting others to join in and support the cause.   This is your page, so you can tell your story and upload your pictures and YouTube video.

Through your Fundraiser Page you can email friends and family information about why you support The Conservation Fund and encourage them to donate in honor of you or your event.   You will be notified when someone has donated so you can send a personal note of thanks.

Some common reasons for setting up a Fundraiser Page include:

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries

Share the joy of your celebration and your love of the outdoors by requesting donations in lieu of gifts.
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In Memory of a Loved One

Supporting the environment is a meaningful and lasting way to honor the memory of your loved one.
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Event or Fundraising Activity

Have and event or activity coming up? Raise dollars while celebrating or doing something you love.
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Your Fundraiser Page fundraising efforts allow The Conservation Fund to continue to save America’s dwindling wild havens and working lands, invest in sustainable small businesses and help communities plan for growth. With the highest program allocation (97%) and lowest fundraising costs (1%) in our field, The Conservation Fund knows how to make the most of your support. Search "Sample" in each category to see an example.

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