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Conservation From Coast to Coast

The urgency to protect land in the U.S. has never been greater. Luckily, The Conservation Fund is well-equipped to help solve some of our nation’s most pressing challenges, like the rapid loss of forests, culturally significant sites, wildlife habitat and more.

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Preserving a Historic Stop on the Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania

When we protect land, we also help to protect its story. In the 1800’s, this site, known as the Mifflin House property, was used as a safe location for enslaved African Americans seeking freedom to cross the Susquehanna River on their journey north via the Underground Railroad. By purchasing the land and safeguarding it from impending development, we ensure this important history is one step closer to being permanently preserved and not forgotten.


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New Hampshire Forestland Conserved for Wildlife, Water and More

After a multi-year effort with the State of New Hampshire and other partners, we’ve completed the protection of over 6,300 acres of private forestland in the state’s Beebe River watershed. Located just north of Squam Lake, where the 1981 movie “On Golden Pond” was filmed, this iconic forested landscape and its aquatic resources support local jobs, ensure public recreational access, protect wildlife habitat and improve water quality for the region.


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 Thank You for Your Support This Earth Day!

We are grateful and inspired by the generous gifts contributed to nature this year and want to say THANK YOU! The Conservation Fund community is full of amazing supporters from all over the country. You can hear from a few of our donors—including nature lovers like Dr. Christina Bourne from Oregon (pictured above)—who recently shared why they continually choose to invest in nature and our mission.




Stories like these would not be possible without support from our donors. If you are inspired, please give today. Your unrestricted donation offers the greatest flexibility for conservation and makes a big impact. Thank you.   



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Photo Credits: Banner (Southern Plains Land Trust), Photo 1 (Susquehanna Natural Heritage Area), Photo 2 (Stacy Funderburke), Photo 3 (Christina Bourne)

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