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Collaborating on Meaningful Conservation

Working together with our partners and supporters, we protect the places that matter across the U.S. Whether it’s a significant site in history or an at-risk ecosystem for
wildlife—we are there to find a solution and ensure these places and their impacts are never lost.

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How the Freedom Riders Changed History

February is Black History Month; and Black history is America’s history. Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing how conservationists and dedicated community members are working together to preserve the places where history happened, starting with a recent anniversary: 

It’s been over five years since the Freedom Riders National Monument was established in Anniston, Alabama. This site commemorates the courageous efforts of the Freedom Riders, as their bravery was a turning point in the Civil Rights movement. We’re honored to have helped protect and establish this special place for future generations.


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One of the West’s Most Important Wildlife Corridors

This mountain landscape outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a sanctuary for migrating wildlife like grizzly bears, moose, elk, pronghorn and bald eagles. The land is critical because it links together federal and state-owned habitat that these species use to roam. Thanks to decades of conservation efforts and many partners, this special place—known as Munger Mountain—will now be protected from encroaching urban development forever.


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These Fruitful Alaskan Waters Deserve To Be Saved

One of The Conservation Fund’s biggest goals this year is to permanently protect over 44,000 acres of important land and waters in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region, which supports critical habitat for wildlife, including one of the largest salmon populations in the world. It is also a culturally significant place for Alaska Native culture and is valuable to the Pacific Northwest economy.


Stories like these would not be possible without support from our donors. If you are inspired, please give today. Your unrestricted donation offers the greatest flexibility for conservation and makes a big impact. Thank you.   


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