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Look Around! Nature Makes It Easy To Be Thankful

Nature provides us with so many life-sustaining gifts, and it’s our job to make sure our most important natural resources stay safe. This often takes shape through innovative solutions, partnerships, and the support of people like you. This giving season, we want to thank you for prioritizing nature and our mission to keep our most impactful outdoor spaces preserved for people and wildlife alike.

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New Video: Restoring the River Under the World’s Busiest Airport

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is best known for a few things: 1) it’s the world’s busiest airport, seeing over 100 million passengers every year; and 2) it’s Georgia’s largest employer, providing over 60,000 jobs. What most people don’t know is there is actually a river running underneath it. It’s true! Atlanta’s Flint River headwaters is buried under the runways, roads, and other highly developed areas around the airport almost completely invisible to the eye—a reality that we’re helping fix through restoration and community partnerships. Check out our latest video about the ongoing effort to “Find the Flint” and restore this critical ecological and recreational asset for South Georgia.


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Just Purchased: Wisconsin’s Largest At-Risk Forest

Ensuring the permanent conservation and sustainable management of forests is one of the most effective strategies available to combat climate change right now. That is why it’s been an essential part of our mission to protect intact, privately-owned forests across America. For example, our most recent purchase of nearly 70,000 acres in northern Wisconsin, called Pelican River Forest, is the first step in safeguarding the largest, privately-owned, unprotected block of forestland in the state from development and forest loss. The effort will also improve wildlife habitat, protect water quality and provide recreational opportunities for the community.


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This Historic Garden Is Here for the “Long” Haul

In the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado sits a beloved privately-owned iris garden and community farm called Long’s Gardens. Third-generation farm owner, Catherine Long Gates, watched for many decades as the expanding city of Boulder grew around her farm. Today, it remains active and accessible to the community because of her family’s dedication to seeing it preserved and not developed. Learn more about how we worked with Catherine to protect her family’s farm—and all it means to the community—forever.


Stories like these would not be possible without support from our donors. If you are inspired, please give today. Your unrestricted donation offers the greatest flexibility for conservation and makes a big impact. Thank you.   


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