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Protecting Our Planet One Acre at a Time

Thank you for your love of nature, and for supporting us as we work to protect and promote a healthier, more sustainable planet. In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we’re sharing stories that illustrate all the benefits land and water conservation provides to people, wildlife and our ecosystem.

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Atlanta’s Food Forest is the Talk of the Town

Read all about it! The Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill—Atlanta’s first public food forest and the largest in the U.S.—seems to be sprouting up everywhere. This sustainable and creative solution to food insecurity allows community members to gather the fresh and healthy produce they need for free, while also offering public green space. This project is so inspiring, it’s been featured on CNN, FOX, Yahoo! News, and even the Drew Barrymore Show! We helped protect the 7.1-acre food forest in 2018, and since then thousands of dedicated volunteers have helped to plant the landscape and keep it fruitful for the local community.


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Tracking Golden Eagles Near a Minnesota Military Base

You might be surprised to hear that by working with military installations we are helping our partners achieve incredible advancements for wildlife conservation. Minnesota’s Camp Ripley is a great example. The installation has been working with us for several years to protect a buffer around their base—strengthening military readiness and supporting numerous wildlife species, including a significant population of golden eagles. A recent study tracked the location of several eagles captured at Camp Ripley to better understand their annual migratory cycle, and their habitat and population needs. Check out the results!


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Women Who are Making Conservation History

We are so inspired by women making positive change across the conservation industry, we just had to share their stories again! From fighting fires and climate change, to ensuring the outdoors is a more inclusive space for all—these women are making conservation history for the next generation, and they deserve to be celebrated all year long.



Stories like these would not be possible without support from our donors. If you are inspired, please give today. Your unrestricted donation offers the greatest flexibility for conservation and makes a big impact. Thank you.   



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