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A New Year and a Renewed Commitment to Nature

We are excited to start 2021 off right by going above and beyond for nature! We want even more people to have access to the outdoors, for more species to have room to roam and for our conservation solutions to be more impactful than ever. We hope you join us on this journey.

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A Look Back: Conservation Highlights from 2020

In a year when people needed nature more than ever, conservation persisted. From protecting a critical watershed and wildlife sanctuary in Colorado, to creating a “Park with Purpose” in Kansas City that reduces stormwater flooding and ensures a safe place to play outside—GREAT conservation happened for nature and for people in 2020. Check out some of our top projects from the year.


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A Tale of Longevity: From First Date to Conservation Legacy

In 1975, an unsuspecting partnership was formed; one that would go on to protect a million acres of land across the American West. This is the story of how our colleagues Tom and Sydney Macy’s friendship, marriage and passion for the outdoors would forever define the landscape of Colorado.


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Forging Ahead: A Time of Reflection and Focus, from Оur CEO

We have ambitious goals for the year ahead, but we can’t do it without you. Addressing big challenges like climate change and integrating equity and inclusion into even more of our conservation work are just a few of our 2021 focus areas—and we want you to be a part of these efforts. Read more from our CEO Larry Selzer.



Stories like these would not be possible without support from our donors. If you are inspired, please give today. Your unrestricted donation offers the greatest flexibility for conservation and makes a big impact. Thank you.   



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Photo Credits: Banner (Hannes Flo), Photo 1 (Jay Brittain), Photo 2 (Tom and Sydney Macy), Photo 3 (David Stubbs)

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