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Finding Progress in Partnership

Poet John Donne wrote, “No man is an island,” and that notion rings true for conservation. When we come together and forge great relationships, we can achieve the most impactful outcomes for communities and nature. Whether it’s championing a multi-agency effort to protect Civil Rights sites or securing a ranching family’s land and legacy, relationships are the fuel that propel forward all that we achieve together. You’ll see this exemplified in the stories we share below. Efforts like these are made possible thanks to your support!

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Protecting Civil Rights Sites Across Alabama

The Conservation Fund and our partners are embarking on an ambitious effort to redefine how we conserve important Civil Rights and Black history sites across central Alabama. By working with local cities, counties and community groups, along with support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and others, we are bringing environmental and economic solutions so that generations to come can learn about the rich history in this invaluable part of our nation.


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Fostering Friendship And Securing
a Family’s Land And Legacy

For three generations, the McMaster family in Montana owned, worked and lived on their ranch. Today, thanks to the family’s long-term stewardship and dedication to their land, the ranch is protected in perpetuity and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. But this place is special to us for another reason, for what started as a conservation partnership has evolved into a 20-year friendship that endures to this day.


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If you’re not part of the conversation on our social media channels, you’re missing out! In the last few weeks alone, “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn and “The Revenant” actor Leonardo DiCaprio have highlighted us and our work. We invite you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram to stay in on the action.



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